Coal mining

Impact of Autodesk operations

Autodesk's response

After a couple of visits at the mine to shoot these images, I was devastated to realize that we allow such destruction to continue. When I discovered that Autodesk is supporting RWE, the coal extraction and the expansion of the mine, I contacted the CEO on twitter. He denied responsibility.

His misunderstanding of the climate emergency and behavior blew my mind.
Here's the full story:

March 31st 2019

Autodesk CEO: << Someone has to do it. >> (1)

April 1st 2019

The RWE case study is removed from Autodesk website. (2)

May 3rd 2019

Email to all executives. No response. (3)

May 7th 2019

Twitter thread reaches 1 million views.

Autodesk reaches out to arrange a call. (4)

May 16th 2019

Call with Autodesk Foundation CEO:
<< We do not enforce our policies. >> (5)

June 26th 2019

Follow up call cancelled by Autodesk. (6)

August 2019

Complete Blackout.

"Coal related" emails are filtered on Autodesk servers, employees won't receive them.

Censorship on forums. (7)

Violations of the "Code of Business Conduct" by Autodesk executives (art. 1-2-8-12 & 13). (8)

August 24th 2019

Meeting at Montreal office: Autodesk calls the police (9)

Popup photo exhibition outside Montreal office. (10)

November 2019

Emails and support from Autodesk employees (11)

Insights from senior Autodesk employee. (12)

January 2020

Publication of correspondances with executives. (13)

April 2020

1 year of Blackout from Autodesk. (14)

Twitter thread reaches 2.500.000 views.

Release of Autodesk.Earth

Change is necessary
to sustain life on Earth


- Autodesk operations are not sustainable.
- Autodesk profits from coal, oil and fossil fuels extraction.
- Autodesk footprint does not align with the Paris Agreement.
- Autodesk is partly owned by fossil fuels investor BlackRock (8.3%).
- "Sustainability" is a marketing tool, not yet a company core value.
- "Environmental Policies" are not enforced.
- Executives fail to comply with the "Code of Business conduct".


- Put all misleading "Sustainability Communication" on hold.
- Built a team that understands the climate emergency.
- Move "Sustainability" from marketing to operations.
- Plan urgent "fossil fuel clients/investors" divestment strategy.
- Exclude fossil fuels clients (denial list).

Less Greenwashing, more actions.

Disclaimer: This site is not sponsored by or supported in any way by Autodesk. It is a parody site protected as "fair use" under Section 107 of the Copyright Act. The sole purpose of this website is to engage Autodesk employees, customers, investors, executives and general public in a open discussion about the company's environmental impact in a time of climate emergency. All information on this page has been shared with Autodesk executives numerous times from April 2019 to April 2020, and can be amended on their request at any time. Enquiries:


With enough public pressure, Autodesk will have to take action.
If Autodesk "walk their talk", it will accelerate the closure of the coal mine.